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Affinity - Nel

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This is my attempt at starting in a new direction away from my last three albums. I've been wanting to do one that's not necessarily a club track, but instead something much more downtempo - what you'd listen to coming back from the club or to just chill. This album was also my first attempt at sticking with a core concept throughout; it's all about love, and where the powerful emotion can take you everywhere between its highest-highs to its lowest lows.

It was really important to me to make this album carry the proper moodsetting power. I wanted it to be something you could set playing in the background to create a feeling of being present with those closest to you; the glue of the connection being the beat, and the essence the vocals. To make that happen, I had to really take a step back and think about what love feels like to me. It required me to think about all of the high and low points of companionship. But Affinity isn't just about intimate romance, it's about any form of love. To put it simply, this track required me to (at least partially) answer the question, What is love? to myself.

Affinity is a step away from Megamix, ENCORE, and Clubica, and is a downtempo, chillout track. It is all about love, and everywhere it takes you. Try this one out driving back home from the club, or simply just to chill out late at night.


01 Significantly deviate from previous three albums and create a much calmer soundscape while still incorporating my own style.

02 Apply HTML5 knowledge from Clubica's high traffic into a more streamlined, retina-display ready player.

Evan Guzman

Evan Guzman is a student of Art Center College of Design studying Interaction Design. His background is rooted in digital environment design, and has been working with Photoshop, After Effects, Vue, and 3DS Max for over eight years. Evan has experience with webdesign and brand identity development, having done work for well-known names in the software industry.

From a technical perspective, he has five years of exposure leading development, recruitment, and team-management for communities within personally hosted servers for massively multiplayer online games, providing personalized services and support.

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Nel's Megamix

Nel's Megamix

Sunday, 18 March 2012



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Clubica - Nel

Clubica - Nel

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